Hello! Why this blog, goals, and what you can expect!

It has been quite a while since I blogged, and I actually wanted to try a new blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested in the topic of my last blog, but I feel I was limiting myself by being so narrowly focused.  I will still be addressing learning Spanish and bringing up bilingual kids, but I’d also like to write about some of my other interests, such as cooking, gardening, reading, philosophy, and photography. I hope to include some great photos in this blog as I learn more about photography and how to operate my dSLR camera.  


I’m writing this new blog for several reasons.  One of the most important is for a little bit of self discovery.  Writing about and putting together the things that I’m passionate about is a way of analyzing and getting to know me.  Another goal is to connect with like minded folks.  If you are reading this, I do hope to have lively discussions in the comments.  Who knows, on some of these subjects perhaps we can work on some projects together.  I’d also like an outlet to grow as a writer, as writing is not something I’m naturally inclined to do.  Another area in which I hope to use this blog as a learning experience is to grow as a photographer.  I am new to the art of photography, but hope to learn how to take really awesome pictures, and to share them in conjunction with what I’m writing about.  


When I’m away from the blog, which is the majority of the time, I am a father of two awesome daughters, ages 4 and 6.  With our girls we try to raise them to be kind, caring, compassionate, in touch with nature, and bilingual.  My wife is Panamanian and we feel it is important for the girls to stay in touch with their Latin roots.  I’ve worked at the local public library for 6 years now and have done everything at work from teach Spanish and Job Hunting Skills to coordinating contacts with other non-profits and organizing logistics to ship programming supplies around our 18 library system.  In my free time I like to do all the aforementioned activities, as well as yoga, meditation, journaling, and much more.     


So in the near future I hope to write about and share pictures of the foods we’re making at home, discuss philosophy and reading in general, to swap gardening tips, and much more.  I also would like to write some posts in Spanish, and about Spanish, and about raising bilingual kids.  I look forward to this journey and wish you, the reader, all the best.   Me with coffee


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